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Engineering Notebook: More Learning Rust

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mem::replace() In the Learning Rust With Too Many Linked Lists, there’s a bit of code that looks like this to build a new element and append it to the head of the list: let new_node = Box::new(Node { elem: elem, next: mem::replace(&mut self.head, Link::Empty), }); self.head = Link::More(new_node); The problem here is that if we […]

On Monday, work announced that we would be adopting Google Go as a third official internal language. Most software houses have two official languages: a highly demanding systems language with strong performance and memory guarantees, and an easy-to-write scripting languages with mediocre performance and few memory guarantees, so a third language was a bit unusual. […]


Logbook: Working on Monologued this week.

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Problem: I’ve been trying to get a simple, single-threaded server working under Rust, using the MIO (Metal I/O) abstraction over select/poll/epoll/kqueue since that’s what most closely tracks with my experience as a server writer. Unfortunately "my experience as a server writer" more or less came to halt with the collapse of Sprynet back in 1998. […]


What I’m Doing Right Now: Monologued.

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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning a lot of Rust. As is my wont, my usual way of learning a language is to decide to write something in it, and see what comes from doing it. A while ago, I learned that John Carmack still regularly updates his .plan file, which is […]

One thing I forgot: in the book Ansible Up & Running, in chapter 3, there’s a Vagrantfile describing three containers with consecutive ports exposed and mapped to the host OS.  Each VM is defined individually, by hand.  I had read that a Vagrantfile is just Ruby, so I thought, “Screw that.  I’m gonna use a […]

For professional reasons, I’m working my way through the O’Reilly book Ansible: Up & Running. The book is pretty good, explaining the basics of Ansible so far as well as running me through a couple of exercises. The book uses Vagrant as its target container, which is fine by me. As is my wont, I […]

I was reminded this week of Steve Yegge’s Programming Dirtiest Little Secret, in which Yegge claims that touch typing is the most significant skill a programmer can have, because the very mechanics of hunt-and-peck typing use up brain power that the professional programmer cannot afford to waste. Yegge says that the important stuff of programming, […]


Shiny New Linux Surface Pro 3!

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So, after a heartbreaking month of having a Surface Pro 3 that was utterly unstable and unusable, I now seem (emphasis on seem) to have it completely stable and successfully running an instance of Linux Mint 18.2. Required Equipment Here’s all the things I did, probably in the order I did them. First: buy some […]


“What Motivates You?”

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I won’t link to the Orange Website for Hacker Bros, but a question asked yesterday has collided with a conversation I had had ealier this week. The question was: “What motivates you to do what you do?” I had a simple answer. These guys: If you’re not familiar with the briliant Pixar film Inside Out, […]

I’ve been struggling with the notion of theories and provers in the context of computer programming for a long time now. I was reading Peter Naur’s general concept of Programming As Theory Building and I don’t see how it connects to Type Systems at all. In Naur’s thesis, there are three kinds of objects: (1) […]

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