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Shiny New Linux Surface Pro 3!

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Over the July 4th holiday, I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the top-of-the-line model: i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD. Naturally, I installed Linux on it. TL;DR: Linux is a user-friendly operating system that’s picky about who its friends are. It’s not sure about the Surface Pro 3 yet. Most things work with […]


“What Motivates You?”

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I won’t link to the Orange Website for Hacker Bros, but a question asked yesterday has collided with a conversation I had had ealier this week. The question was: “What motivates you to do what you do?” I had a simple answer. These guys: If you’re not familiar with the briliant Pixar film Inside Out, […]

I’ve been struggling with the notion of theories and provers in the context of computer programming for a long time now. I was reading Peter Naur’s general concept of Programming As Theory Building and I don’t see how it connects to Type Systems at all. In Naur’s thesis, there are three kinds of objects: (1) […]


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After my talk: Guy: so who coded your demos? Me: I did G: so you used a GUI? M: no I coded it G: you code? M: yes G: no, like actual code — Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo) April 8, 2017 I realized this morning that, out of a team of eight people, there are only […]


The DIM Epiphany

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When I was 13 years old, I laid my hands on my first true computer. It was a DEC PDP-11/44, later upgraded to a PDP-11/70, running RSTS/E and the BASIC/PLUS shell environment. Live every teenage boy, I started out by writing video games. Bad ones, naturally, since all we had was the ANSI escape codes […]

I wrote an example of Bob Nystrom’s “Baby’s First Garbage Collector,” which I’ve been wanting to implement for a while in order to understand it better. To make the problem harder (as I always do), I decided to write it in C++, and to make it even more fun, I’ve implemented it using the new […]

At work, I’ve earned a bit of notoriety for being a code style commisar. I’ve been part of the group that from the bottom has been pushing people ot use flake8 and eslint, and I even wrote a tool to make polyglot testing easier. My latest kick is types. After experimenting with them for two […]

In my ever-shrinking spare time, I write stories. When I’m writing a particularly long story, or dabbling in the 300-odd episodic space opera I’ve been working on for twenty-five years or so, I have to read and re-read the story to make sure that every plot thread of the story has been closed in a […]


If you write Python, you should use MyPy.

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I’ve discovered MyPy at work, and it works with Python 2.7 so amazingly well that I’m here to say, if you haven’t added it to your workflow, you need to immediately. The last project I worked on at my day job, an automated inventory and services manager, was 2200 lines of one class object. When […]

Infoworld has an article entitled “The seven most vexing problems in programming.” The first two are “multithreading” and “closures.” I call bullshit. Neither of those are hard problems. Both of those are problems of programmer laziness. (Not compiler laziness, of which I’ve recently become a fan.) It’s really hard to believe closures are a problem […]

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